Red Keep Interior in King's Landing - Dubrovnik (original location: Lovrijenac castle)

Game of Thrones – Beginning, Culmination, The Legacy

Hello world, how are you doing during this new-normal?  We were surprised to learn a lot of people turned to watching and re-watching Game of Thrones during the lockdown, which was, at the time when it aired, the most popular TV show in the world. Dubrovnik had the honor to host some of the most memorable scenes from GoT. Our company offers specifically designed Game of Thrones tours that take you to filming locations and are guided by fun, enthusiastic and passionate guides whose sole mission is to keep you amused and relaxed during the entire tour. You can check out here what we have in store for you, once you come and visit Dubrovnik, aka King’s Landing, as many of you call it.

Ivana Sepak, one of our company’s co-owners, years ago wrote a series of texts for Total Croatia News. She offered her perspective on filming in Dubrovnik and did some comparisons between the TV show and real life. During our process of making a new, fresh, modern website that we finally launched (and we are immensely proud of it), we remembered those texts and asked for Paul Bradbury’s permission to include them here, at our blog section. Paul and his hardworking team are running a website www.total-croatia-news.com and also some sub-brands that focus on Croatian news translated to English, but also they did wonders for Croatia’s presentation outside of our borders.

The first text Ivana wrote was some sort of a compass to future guests who are thinking about coming to Dubrovnik. The texts is Ivana’s personal perspective about some past events. Reading these texts with fresh eyes, years after they were written was like sitting into a time machine and remembering what a huge hype GoT caused worldwide. Now, it is June 2020, there are no more Game of Thrones shootings, but the legacy did remain.

On this link https://www.total-croatia-news.com/game-of-thrones/2462-taking-a-closer-look-at-dubrovnik-s-game-of-thrones, you will find an introduction to several following articles that Ivana wrote after this one. Here was covered the beginning of filming in Dubrovnik, HBO’s abandonment of Dubrovnik and doubts about future filming. This text, like the others, were written in 2016. Let us know on our Facebook page how you liked them, and we assure you, there are more to come.