Old City Dubrovnik Surrounded by City Walls

Historical Republic of Ragusa vs. King’s Landing

We experienced GoT to be a great attractor of younger guests to Dubrovnik. A fresh addition to our historical town offering a different perspective – it turned out Game of Thrones’ fake history was more appealing to some visitors than the real, authentic, exciting Republic of Ragusa’s past. We understand history can be annoying, especially if it’s told dully, with the focus on cold hard facts, dates, years. This is also a reason why a lot of people leave elementary and high school education traumatized by their teachers who insisted on pupils correctly repeating what was written in history books, memorizing them by heart. We personally dread those kinds of teachers and guides as well. We hand-picked and selected our team of guides who know how to deliver information to guests without boring them to death, keeping them on the edge during the entire tour and also interesting them in the subject they will later investigate on their own. Our history tours, both group and private show you a fun side of history and add human substance to a city that was once ruled by different regime rather than today.

Today, some people try to make a case for Dubrovnik – how the real history is always a better choice, while the other ones say how King’s Landing portrayed the real deal in a very graphic way. It’s a lost battle if you ask us, Game of Thrones reached all corners of the globe and it promoted Dubrovnik and Croatia in a way no advertising campaign ever will. When you decide to visit Dubrovnik, we indeed encourage you to take the steps of Jon Snow or Cersei, but we also insist you hear about Republic of Ragusa, try our local delicacies and get inspired by our famous landmarks.

In the second text Ivana wrote for Total Croatia, she focused on most significant differences and also some similarities between actual Dubrovnik and fictional King’s Landing. In the meantime, we came up with a tour that combines the best of both worlds, the guide explains the history and immerses the GoT story into it – you can see the tour here

You can check out the article on this link: https://www.total-croatia-news.com/game-of-thrones/2589-game-of-thrones-croatia-how-does-historical-dubrovnik-compare-to-kings-landing.