Dubrovnik’s Famous Citizens and Game of Thrones Departure from Dubrovnik

Exemplary Dubrovnik and GoT’s final goodbye

Thanks to the clairvoyance of our ancesters, Dubrovnik has an old town which reminds us of our famous past. Inside of the walls still people live, just like they did centuries ago. Some of our more recognizable forefathers lived there too. Our most favorite story is the one of Marojica Kaboga – he truly transformed from everybody’s beloved citizen, to the most hated one and back. One would think such transitions are possible only in films, but they do exist in real life. Ivana reflected on his story and included it in another text of hers: https://www.total-croatia-news.com/game-of-thrones/2690-game-of-thrones-dubrovnik-ragusa-republic-an-example-to-learn-from

That One Scene In Season 6

Reading these articles made us realize how time does fly rapidly! In the following, and final article, Ivana remembered how she witnessed a Game of Thrones filming on a Game of Thrones tour! It was just a regular Thursday, she had a small group, her guests were thrilled and so was she. We were happy to see the filming back in Dubrovnik because HBO specifically said they were not shooting anything in Croatia anymore. This unexpected HBO’s return to filming in Dubrovnik is the reason why it’s a great idea to hire a guide or take a tour while there. Imagine you’re a GoT fan and all you ever wanted was to see the set and the filming in real life, outside of GoT’s headquarters (Belfast). You come to Dubrovnik in October, wanting to wander around the locations previously used for filming, on your own. The entire shooting could have easily gone by without you ever knowing and you would have only figured it out by the time you were back home. Namely, the news about filming on October 8 in 2015 was not announced anywhere but in several local online news outlets and they also wrote about it vaguely, probably not wanting to get in trouble with HBO. Unnecessary to say, those local news outlets write their news only in Croatian, so even if you somehow stumbled upon the news, there’s not much you could have made out of it because you wouldn’t understand what was written. After GoT, Dubrovnik was used for a Star Wars filming in 2016, Robin Hood in 2017 and it was pretty dormant ever since when it comes to filming in Dubrovnik.

Here’s the original article:


Today, some people try to make a case for Dubrovnik – how the real history is always a better choice, while the other ones say how King’s Landing portrayed the real deal in a very graphic way. It’s a lost battle if you ask us, Game of Thrones reached all corners of the globe and it promoted Dubrovnik and Croatia in a way no advertising campaign ever will. When you decide to visit Dubrovnik, we indeed encourage you to take the steps of Jon Snow or Cersei, but we also insist you hear about Republic of Ragusa, try our local delicacies and get inspired by our famous landmarks.

In the second text Ivana wrote for Total Croatia, she focused on most significant differences and also some similarities between actual Dubrovnik and fictional King’s Landing. In the meantime, we came up with a tour that combines the best of both worlds, the guide explains the history and immerses the GoT story into it – you can see the tour here

You can check out the article on this link: https://www.total-croatia-news.com/game-of-thrones/2589-game-of-thrones-croatia-how-does-historical-dubrovnik-compare-to-kings-landing.