‘Milk’ – the First Gay Bar in Dubrovnik?

Following the example of other major tourist destinations where they have long recognized that homosexual tourists are excellent consumers who like to visit places where they feel welcome, Dubrovnik is increasingly becoming a gay-friendly place. And yes, Dubrovnik might get its first gay bar this summer!

Locals have been talking about this recently, and whether it is true will be revealed soon. The owners plan to open it for the summer season, states Dubrovniknet.

Although no one has confirmed it officially, the LGTBIQ+ population will likely have its gathering place in the Old Town.

Tonči Plazibat/Cropix


The first gay bar in Dubrovnik will probably be located in Marojice Kaboge Street. It will be named after Harvey Bernard Milk, the first American gay politician and an icon of the LTGB movement.
After books, films, and the ship, Milk will be honored in Dubrovnik too, writes Dubrovniknet.


Gay Travel in Croatia

Croatia is a largely Roman Catholic country. As a result, it is more conservative than many Western European countries. As an extremely popular tourist destination, Dubrovnik is very much exposed to travelers of different sexual orientations.

So, the touristy nature of the area makes it more tolerant and inviting than other, a bit conservative, Croatian places. Dubrovnik is, for sure, a gay-friendly city, which is going to be confirmed once again with the opening of the ‘Milk’ – the first gay bar in the city.

Some of the local people commented that they can’t believe something like this hasn’t opened sooner.

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The Nudist Beach on Lokrum Island

Many locals do support homosexuality and equal rights for LGTBIQ+ people. In fact, many of them are homosexuals. There already are many popular gay-friendly places where they gather, like the nudist beach on the eastern side of the Lokrum island – also called the gay oasis. Although it is not entirely homosexual, you will undoubtedly encounter other gay visitors in this popular hangout. Gay or not, Lokrum is a must-visit place. It is located a mere 15-minute boat cruise from the Old Town.


Croatia LGTBIQ+ Cruises

For centuries, travelers have been fascinated by the Adriatic Coast. It is not surprising that many travel agencies in Croatia organize cruise tours that take gay travelers (only) on the amazing journies throughout the stunning landscapes of our beautiful coast. For those who seek meeting and socializing with the other LGTBIQ+ travelers and participating in a variety of fun excursions, this is a perfect opportunity for them. What’s more, all of these journeys either start or stop in Dubrovnik, so do not miss a chance to discover the best parts of Dubrovnik.

Katarina Line

To sum up, in Dubrovnik, anywhere you go you can meet some very interesting people. It can be in the bar, on the beach, on the tour… And there are many places where people of all sexual orientations are welcome. After all, we, as locals, are happy that we’ll show once again how friendly and welcoming Dubrovnik is to everybody.

Update: It has been opened!

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