Korčula – 5th Most Beautiful Island in the World

Yes, you read that correctly: Big 7 Travel ranked Korčula as the 5th most beautiful island in the world! Korčula is Croatia’s sixth-largest island, stretching about 47km in length. Rich in vineyards, olive trees and little villages, the island of Korčula is a true pearl of southern Dalmatia. It represents a unique fusion of breathtaking nature, thousands of years of heritage and history, and modern tourism.

Here we bring what makes Korčula so special!

Captivating Nature

Korčula’s coastline is heavily indented with a large number of coves and bays. The contours of Korčula are almost black due to its dense oak, holm-oak and pine woods. The ancient Greeks inhabited the island and named it Black Korčula (Korkyra Melaina; lat. Korkyra Nigra). According to legend, the Greek hero Antenor discovered the island while escaping from the City of Troy. 

Lovely Beaches

Korčula has an incredible variety of wonderful swimming spots: from gorgeous sandy beaches to lovely pebble bays. This island has even the most isolated beaches. Pupnatska Luka is one of the ultimate dream beaches. However, the sandy beach Vela Pržina Beach and the stunning Žitna Bay are also must-sees.

Badija Island near Korčula

Badija is an island partially covered with a dense pine forest that grows all the way down to the sea. It is the largest of the 19 islands that sit in front of Korcula’s ancient town. You’ll even find a Franciscan monastery there. Moreover, many visitors, especially children, are excited to see the fallow deer that live in the park in front of the monastery. You can even feel free to feed these little creatures that are always searching for food.

Korčula’s Old Town

The old town of Korčula is one of the best-perserved medieval island city in the Mediterranenan. Enacted in 1214, the Statue of the Town governed Korčula’s population. Today, its old town is small and easy to explore on foot. It has a magnificent promenade along the sea, lined with great restaurants and cafés. 

People of Korčula believe that Marco Polo (1254 – 1324) was born on the island and you can even visit the birth house as a museum.

Top-Quality Wine

Korčula is well-known for its winemaking in addition to its heritage and natural beauty. While you can find the local wine on every Croatian island, Korčula’s wines stand out. The indigenous grape pošip, which grows in the island’s center area, produces what is arguably the greatest of all Croatian whites. The grk grape, which grows around Lumbarda, also produces high-quality dry white wine.

Korčula Island’s Local Culture

If you visit Korčula, you must attend the sword dance Moreška, a traditional drama/dance that is one of the island’s official symbols. The participants (males from Korčula town households) wield two sabres during the dance. This ‘fighting’ dance depicts the conflict between the Red and Black armies. After seven fights, the Red King’s wife, who has been stolen by the Black King, is saved. It is traditionally played on St. Theodore’s Day (July 29), although it is also performed weekly throughout the summer.

Food, wine, and secret beaches. It’s no surprise that Korčula is voted world’s 5th best island to visit!

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