What-To-Do Guide for Solo Travelers in Dubrovnik – Part 1

Dubrovnik is home to some of the best-preserved Renaissance palaces and Baroque churches, as well as a vibrant summer nightlife scene and stunning beaches. It is a great place for solo travelers looking for a mix of sightseeing, sea, and sun because you can always count on nice weather during peak season and beyond.

Wondering what to do and see in this beautiful city? Here are some activities you can do as a solo traveler in Dubrovnik!

Take a Walking Tour

The best way to experience the city is by taking a walking guided tour of the Old Town. A local guide will reveal to you the history of the city as a hub for trade between the Silk Road and Venice. Besides that, you’ll see the medieval monasteries and the popular Game of Thrones filming locations.

You can choose to join a group tour where you can meet other travelers or customize your own private tour. Whether you’re interested in history or Game of Thrones (or both) – Du the Tour has something for everybody!

Relax at the Beach

You’ll find many beautiful beaches in Dubrovnik where you can spend the afternoon swimming, sunbathing, and enjoying drinks. Coral Beach Club is perfect for you if you want to relax and take a break from the busy streets of Dubrovniks’ Old Town.

Drinking your favorite cocktail under a palm tree while listening to some great tunes spun by the DJ – sounds like an ideal thing to-do after sightseeing.

Reach the Top of Mount Srđ

If you want to enjoy the most impressive city views don’t miss the top of Srđ Mount which towers over the Old City. You can get there on foot, but it will take some effort. Consider cable car if you’re not much of a hiking person or if you just want to save some time.

We recommend going later in the afternoon or just before sunset. That’s when the light is golden and you’ll be able to take the best photos!


Visit Elafiti Islands

Another great way to escape the crowds and enjoy Dubrovnik is by exploring beautiful Elafiti Islands. You can choose among many agencies that offer excursions to these islands. You can book a private boat speedboat tour or go on a group day trip.

If you have time, do not miss this and enjoy a day surrounded by white stone beaches, crystal clear waters and gorgeous green pine trees.

Have a Drink at Cliff Bar

Under the walls of Dubrovnik’s Old Town are two cliff bars called Buža and Buža II. Buža is the ideal place to unwind with a cold drink in the afternoon or a sundowner while taking in the breathtaking views. These cliff bar are an undiscovered gem because they offer cool drinks, spectacular sea views and cliff jumping.

However, please be cautious and keep in mind to swim before you drink. Also, bring some cash since Buža is a cash-only bar.

Visit Green Market

On the farmer markets in Dubrovnik, you can feel the energy of the city and watch the locals go about their daily lives. There are two outdoor green markets in Dubrovnik: one is in the Gruž neighborhood, and the other is in the Old Town at Gundulić Square which is located behind Stradun, its main street.

The markets are open every day and we advise you to go early in the morning. Besides seasonal and fresh fruits and vegetables, you can also buy some other local products such as dried lavander and locally produced brandies.

Go Dubrovnik

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