5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Mostar Bosnia

Mostar is one of the most frequented attractions in Bosnia, thanks to its outstanding natural beauty and architecture. It is full of quintessential Ottoman architecture, with plenty of traditional restaurants, market stalls, mosques and other historic buildings. It is also surrounded by stunning landscape waiting to be explored. Find out why you shouldn’t miss Mostar on your next trip to Europe:

1. Old Bridge (‘Stari most’)

One of Mostar’s and also Bosnia’s most famous sites is the Stari Most, or ‘Old Bridge’. The bridge was built by the Ottomans in the 16th century. It is exemplary of typical Islamic architecture and fine engineering. It crosses over the beautiful turquoise Neretva river, and is at the heart of Mostar’s historic Old Town.

During the civil war, however, the bridge was destroyed by Croat forces but it has since been rebuilt to its exact original specifications. It is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, having received this status in 2005 soon after it was rebuilt, and it attracts thousands of tourists to Mostar every year.

2. Čaršija

In the heart of Mostar’s picturesque Old Town is its market, or čaršija. There is a market on each side of the river near to the Stari Most, due to the split between the Bosniak and Croat ethnic groups that inhabit the city, although the difference between the two is not noticeable to visiting tourists.

The market has a distinctly eastern feel, thanks to the historic Ottoman influences, with stalls selling rugs, painted plates, copper items, and souvenirs. The market is busy with locals as well as tourists, and gives visitors a good glimpse at a traditional Bosnian way of life.

3. Historical Past

You might have heard of Mostar in the 1990s when it made headlines during the war in Bosnia & Herzegovina. The city was heavily bombed and suffered significant damage, so most of the city had to be rebuilt (even the historic Old Bridge).

The Bosnian war left its mark on the city and you can still find bullet-ridden and abandoned buildings around, but today’s Mostar is a vibrant and welcoming city where we felt safe. Drop into some of the local museums to learn more about Mostar’s past.

Museum Of War And Genocide Victims

4. The Food Scene

Bosnian food is really delicious and you can try it in Mostar. Most of the restaurants are located in the Old Town and even if they are in the tourist area the prices are still fair. You will enjoy the food in Tima Irma, because this restaurant grills the most delicious Bosnian specialties.

If you are in Mostar, you should definitely try grilled meat, cevapi and pljeskavica (minced meat). Furthermore, a lot of good cafes are in town. Here you should absolutely taste Bosnian coffee or Čaj, the typical Turkish tea.

5. Two-Hour Ride From Dubrovnik

At the end, Mostar is only 2-hour ride from Dubrovnik so it would be silly not to go on a one-day trip if you you’ll be staying in Dubrovnik for a few days. Mostar is so close to Dubrovnik, but yet, it is almost a completely different world, in terms of architecture and cuisine.

If you choose to Du the Tour with us, you’ll be able to visit both Mostar and Kravice Waterfalls in one day! This waterfall of Kravice is one of many Bosnia’s gems, the water is pristinely clear and cool, which makes this visit a great detour from congested and overcrowded urban areas.

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