About us

Dear guests, welcome to our website! Our company’s name is Experience Dubrovnik.

The name Dubrovnik Tours, which is the title of this web domain, came along naturally, as a logical transition since we opened 5 years ago. A while before, we started our business with a single Facebook page which we called Dubrovnik Private Tours – this is how a lot of the guests keep recognizing us until today. This page is still active, and we did not change its name. Simultaneously, we registered a website called dubrovnikprivate.tours, an email domain info@dubrovnikprivate.tours and both of them are functional – you will simply be redirected to this web once you put it into your browser.

Very soon after we took our initial plunge in 2015, we registered our company under the name Experience Dubrovnik. Our company is engaging and energetic, and the name at that time reflected only a part of what we wanted to display and offer, which is why we went out with an inviting brand Du The Tour. After 3 years of having this brand and logo in motion, we decided to refresh our online presence and after some brainstorming, only obvious choice was to name our sub-brand Dubrovnik Tours – just like the name of this website.

Our company was founded by 3 women and we are in tourism business for 10+ years. When us 3 entered the market as tour guides, we saw a lot of gaps we wanted to cover, and this was our drive to start our own company. We knew guests deserved a better service, easier access, more convenient booking methods, flexibility in tour itineraries, direct contacts, great guides and less bureaucracy in the whole process. Our agency offers all this and much more. Goal of this website is better presentation of our tours, easier
booking for you and detailed information about each of the tours we offer. If you have any questions that were not answered on the website, you can always get in touch with us.