Experience Dubrovnik is Socially Responsible, Socially Aware and Socially Present

Dear future guests and everybody who visits this website!

These are some of the most difficult times we are facing since probably the Great Depression in 1929. At moments, Covid-19 lockdown seems like a bad dream, but we are well conscious this will be our reality for a while. It is up to our individual efforts to mitigate the pandemic in the best way we can, and so far it means to #stayhome and rethink a lot of things – our lives, behavior, shopping habits and many other details we took for granted.

Our team here in Dubrovnik did the exact same thing and we realized not all heroes wear capes. In our experience, they wear facial masks, rubber gloves, sanitary protection suits, they wake up early in the morning every day, go to the hospital and take care of the patients. At the end of the day, because of possibility they have contracted the virus themselves, they have to self-isolate from the ones they love – spouses, elderly parents, their children. Many of them have a swollen face because of the facial masks they don’t take off for almost the entire day. Who are they? They are doctors, nurses and everybody who works in the healthcare system at this day and age.

We understand tourism will probably take the biggest blow in the entire economy, which means our business – our bread and butter – will be quite dormant this season. Regardless, we are here and we are waiting for you – our dear guests – at the exact same place we were for the last 4 years. In the meantime, we are making new tours, thinking about how to adjust to the new situation caused by the pandemic. Our guests’ wellbeing and our personal health is our top priority now.

This year, we decided we will donate 10% of our profit to Dubrovnik’s hospital. In other words, if you visit Dubrovnik in 2020 and decide to take one of our tours, we will distribute 10% of what we earn at the end of this fiscal year to our local hospital. We believe it’s the smallest token of appreciation we can show them in these challenging moments.

Stay safe, healthy, plan now and travel later – we are waiting for you!